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  • To be eligible for a TATE Award, the following requirements must be met with no exception.
    • 501(c)3.
    • Equity theatre companies may hire Equity actors, directors or designers to participate in their productions. However, theatre companies that are officially designated as Equity companies are not eligible. 
    • Organization must be based in and perform in the City of Tulsa.
    • Must have been in existence for 24 months with at least one production per year.
    • May submit two productions in both adult and youth catigories, for a, possible four enteries, per organization, per season. (Heller/Clark are not included due to their benefiting from one 501(c)3 already.)
    • Submission must be a non-musical (except Youth Productions).
    • Entry must be submitted 4 weeks prior to opening night.
    • Production must have a performance run of at least 3 performances.
    • Organization must include a $25 entry fee with submission.
    • Organizations can withdraw a nomination up to seven days before the opening night. The $25 application fee is nonrefundable.
    • Theatre must charge admission for the performance.
    • Performance must be open to the public.
    • Performances by educational, religious organizations or social service organizations are not eligible.
    • Ineligible performances include: Puppet theatre; opera; performance art; student productions; mime; foreign language; improvised performances; and staged readings.
    • Revivals are not eligible if it opens less than seven (7) years from the closing date of the previous production of the same work by the same theatre or company.
    • Organizations that are inactive for the year prior to their entry, but are otherwise eligible, will have probationary status for one (1) year.
    • Production opens between September 1 and June 1.
    • Collaborations: While we highly encourage collaborations between organizations, the application should list a single nominating organization’s name and contact information. (If the applicant chooses, they may list the name of the other organization “in collaboration with” but all correspondence will be between the TATE committee and the named applicant.) If that production wins, the nominating organization will receive the trophy and the prize money. The collaborating organizations may divide the money as they see fit. That application will only count as a submission by the nominating organization.For example: Producing Organization: "USA Theatre Company" (in collaboration with "Oklahoma Super Troupers") this would count as a submission by "USA Theatre Company" but NOT by "OK Super Troupers."
    • Each eligible theatre company may submit two productions in both adult and youth categories, for a possible four entries, per organization, per season. (Heller/Clark are not included due to their benefiting from one 501(c) 3 already.) Productions must be of straight plays, either drama or comedy in adult category. Youth categories may include musicals.

      For example, if USA Theatre Company produces an adult version of Psycho and a youth production of Psycho, that counts as two submissions. However, USA Theatre would still be eligible to submit one more youth and one more adult production.

      Production opens between September 1 and June 1.

    • Tulsa Awards for Theatre Excellence reserves the right to not provide an award for any category.