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Awards Process

  • The company must inform the T.A.T.E. Committee / T.A.T.E. Liaison of the production it offers for award consideration at least one month prior to that production’s opening night. This process begins by completing and submitting the application on this site.
  • Companies wishing to apply must also supply requested materials to a T.A.T.E. Liaison. 
  • T.A.T.E. Liaison notifies adjudicators of the nominated show and distributes judging packets and show packets, supplied by theatre company.
  • T.A.T.E. Liaison notifies the accounting firm of the application.
  • Judge receives packet and attends production.
  • Attending Judge mails ballot to the accounting firm within 48 hours of production’s closing performance
  • Accounting representative notifies T.A.T.E. Liaison/ Committee after receiving the ballots.
  • After all nominated shows are seen, judged and the accounting firm has calculated the numbers, the results are delivered the evening of the T.A.T.E. Awards Ceremony. Nobody, other than the accountants, is aware of the results until the moment the envelope is opened.
  • Organizations can withdraw a nomination up to seven days before the opening night. The $25 application fee is nonrefundable.