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Arts Scene: Theatre North's 'Women Around Town'

By JAMES D. WATTS JR. World Scene Writer

A woman who was scorned and run out of her home town returns decades later to wreak a unique sort of vengeance in Samm-Art Williams’ play “Woman from the Town.”

The central character, Lila, has transformed herself from a poor, outcast, unwed mother into a powerful real estate mogul. As her home town undergoes an economic downturn, Lila is there to buy up the foreclosed homes of the people who treated her so abysmally.

But Lila’s plan, like any act of vengeance, does not work out quite the way she planned.

ARTS: Review of Miss Saigon

By: James D. Watts JR. l Tulsa World

 I heard something very unusual at the end of Theatre Tulsa's opening night performance of "Miss Saigon." Silence.

Typically, hardly a second passes between the obvious end of a performance and the audience's reaction. But when the curtain lowered Friday after the final tragic moments of "Miss Saigon," the crowd in the Tulsa PAC's Williams Theater remained almost reverentially quiet, a silence gently broken only by the sound of a few people crying.

Weekend Arts

Weekend Arts: Cherokee Art Market and fairy tales are in store for Tulsa this week 

James D. Watts JR l World Scene Writer 

‘The Lost Pages of ...’

Take a familiar fairy tale, add a few original characters with agendas that go beyond the hope of a simple “happily ever after,” and treat the whole enterprise with the sort of pop-culture irreverence that one normally finds in animated films such as “Shrek” or “Megamind.”

Arts Scene: 'Spamalot' from Theatre Pops

By James D. Watts JR l World Sceene Writer


“On second thought, let’s not go to Camelot,” King Arthur says in the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” “’Tis a silly place.”

But being silly was the stock in trade of the British comedy troupe Monty Python’s Flying Circus. And the group reached a pinnacle of silliness with their first feature film that took the myth of King Arthur and slapped it silly.

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