Greenroom: Your Theatre Hub

Fly Loft

Rehearsal & activity space in the heart of the Brady Arts District.

Fly Loft is a facility in the heart of the Brady Arts District dedicated to nurturing performing artists and organizations.

Fly Loft provides rehearsal and activity space to performing arts organizations, dance and fitness instructors, and other performing artists to help enrich local artists, arts organizations and the surrounding community.

Our facilities include spaces with:

  • Speaker system
  • Sprung floor
  • Mirrors
  • Ballet barres
  • Marley floor
  • Dressing rooms

Please call 918.574.2421 with any questions.

Rehearsal Space 1: 2614 sq. ft.

Rehearsal Space 2: 2354 sq. ft.

Rehearsal Space 3: 1852 sq. ft.