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'The Adolescent Surrealislt'- Playwright Jack Allen debuts 'Cowboy'

Photo curtisy of Mellisa Lukenbaugh

BY Alicia Chesser l The Tulsa Voice 

The night after I talked with playwright Jack Allen about “Cowboy,” I dreamed about it. It was a weird, multilevel world of flickering Super 8 slides and the lonely sighs of tumbleweeds. Of course, I hadn’t seen the play yet. I hadn’t even seen publicity photos. Whether or not that’s what it looks like, the gloriously absurd world Allen described to me lodged in my subconscious—a suitably surreal testament to the power of his enthusiasm.

Allen, 18, is a poet, comic, actor, and writer. He’s the definition of a “lanky teen,” with dark eyes and long dark hair and the air of someone who has found his life’s… well, life. Educated at home until college, he’s now an engineering student at Tulsa Community College, a member of local improv group the Pop-Up Players, and one of Oklahoma Literary Arts Alliance’s poetry ambassadors. He’s also performed many times with Clark Youth Theatre.


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