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Children’s Summer Theatre was first established in July of 1992 in Kansas City, Missouri to give children ages 6-13 the opportunity to perform on stage. This enrichment program then moved to Coffeyville, Kansas from 1995-2013 giving children a chance to excel in the fine arts of musical theatre as we produce a children’s musical each year during the summer. It is now at and being sponsored by Tulsa Community College under the direction of TCC Theatre Coordinator, Mark Frank. Laura Cowan will be the Musical Director of the program.

> Children’s Summer Theatre offers wonderful health benefits for those children in the community that are cast in the production. First, it teaches them how to have a broad imagination which is very healthy for the psyche of a child. Some children who are passive and shy may develop a much more outgoing personality by exploring their creative minds on stage. Second, CST teaches young children the importance of the physical. Through movement and characterization children learn how to communicate on stage with their bodies through gestures, facial expressions, and character movement. Third, CST creates a healthy spirit for each child. It teaches the importance of friendship, ensemble playing, trust, discipline, commitment, and dedication.

> Children Summer Theatre is an opportunity for young children in our community to experience the arts and reach for the stars. Through the audiences’ attendance, feedback, and most importantly their applause, it helps communicate to the child actor the “victory” they accomplished in their life. This experience will last a lifetime and create friendships and memories of the day they seized their moment on stage with their imaginations go to or call 918-595-7732.